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Ben Rampton (King’s College London)

Ben Rampton is Professor of Applied & Sociolinguistics and Director of the Centre for Language Discourse and Communication at King's College London (www.kcl.ac.uk/ldc). He does interactional sociolinguistics, and his interests cover urban multilingualism, ethnicity, class, youth and education. He is the author of Crossing: Language & Ethnicity among Adolescents (Longman 1995/Routledge 2018) and Language in Late Modernity: Interaction in an Urban School (CUP 2006), and a co-author of Researching Language: Issues of Power and Method (Routledge 1992). Ben Rampton co-edited The Language, Ethnicity & Race Reader (Routledge 2003) and Language & Superdiversity (Routledge 2015), and he edits Working Papers in Urban Language and Literacy (https://kcl.academia.edu/WorkingPapersinUrbanLanguageLiteracies). He was founding convener of the UK Linguistic Ethnography Forum, and was the Director of the King’s ESRC Interdisciplinary Social Science Doctoral Training Centre from 2011-2014.


Josefina Skerk (The Sami Culture Centre - Sijti Jarnge - Norway)

Josefina Skerk is an Indigenous Sami woman from Giertsjavrrie, Sápmi, Sweden. She is a member of the Sami Parliament and its former Vice President, focusing on language revitalization, land rights and advocating an establishment of a truth commission on the treatment of the Sami People in Sweden. She has studied law in Uppsala and worked at Civil Rights Defenders as a Legal Advisor. Currently, she is the general manager of Sijti Jarnge, a Sami culture and development centre in Norway.




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